“The Hunger Games” Archery Lesson Part 1


In anticipation of the upcoming The Hunger Games movie I have teamed up with Hypable to release a 3 part video series looking at archery and how it relates to Katniss. In the first part I show you some of the different types of bows there are and the kind that Katniss would be using. Check it out and let me know what you think!



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  1. Very cool! When I first saw the title, I was worried. I remember archery from 6th grade outdoor school, and it was not pretty. Let’s just say it was a good thing that everyone got out alive and with all their body parts. But, I loved this video because it tied in The Hunger Games books and you gave us some historical information about archery. I love history. I also love your outfit! I think you should do a shopping and dressing in Florida post. That would be fun!

    • Hahaha, we didn’t have archery at my school, which was probably a good thing. We people first heard I got a bow the reaction was usually one of disbelief that my uncoordinated self was going to attempt something that could actually injure. Lol.

      My mom gave me that outfit for Christmas. I love it! So thank you. :) Hmm, that could be a fun blog post….

  2. I now just want a bow even more. My husband pointed out to me, though, that I first need to look into whether I’d need to get a license (in Canada you’re required to take a course and get a license before you can own certain weapons).

    • Oh, I have no idea. I imagine that might be true for the crossbow and maybe the compound, but I somehow doubt it for the recurve. Definitely something to look into, though, because you should totally get one. So much fun!!

  3. I’ve wanted to learn archery for ages, just never moved up high enough on the list to invest in lessons yet neither has it ever fallen completely off the list :) #3 wants to take archery now too so it’s moved up on my list. Gotta love mother-son activities. Great vlog!

  4. That’s quite an arsenal, Jessica! Nice video and history lesson. That cross bow with a spotting scope is a little on the scary side. What sorts of things have you been hunting?

    The only bow I’ve ever used was for shooting those little bamboo arrows with plastic suction cups at the end. You probably don’t have one of those though. I’m guessing your arrows have like flame tips or something.

    Nice video!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Hahaha, oh I have not been hunting! The crossbow is my father-in-laws and the compound is my husbands. I can’t even draw the compound bow. My little 20 pound recurve bow would not do much damage if I tried to hunt. I’d just injure the poor animal!

      My nephew has one of the little suction cup tipped arrows and bow, does that count? I actually really, really wanted to shoot a flaming arrow into the pond at New Year’s, but my hubs pointed out that would ruin one of my arrows and I reluctantly chose the wiser course of action.

  5. You are making me want to get a bow like my dad used to have and take up archery as well. Of course, I would get one more fitting for my size and strength so that I could actually string it this time. LOL Adding that to my bucket list. Sigh. My bucket list is so long and filled with so many forms of defense and fighting. LOL

  6. I tried to post before but I am not sure that it worked so I will try again.

    Quivers are the only safe way to carry arrows. Leaving the arrows on the ground to shoot them is safe, although if there are a lot of people shooting, someone may step on your arrows. You need a back quiver. It will go with your personality and shooting style.

    It looks like you are shooting arrows with plastic vanes instead of feather fletching. Feather fletched arrows shoot better out of longbows and recurves.

    You should learn to make your own wood arrows. It is not that hard (if I can do it, so can you). There are instructions on the internet.

    Arrows have to be matched to the bow and the archer. It was difficult to tell whether or not your arrows were matched for you.

    It looks like you are shooting off the wood shelf of your riser without an shelf rest and strike plate. You should look into either a stick on rest or a proper shelf rest. You can use velcro or furniture pads to make a proper shelf rest and strike plate or buy this from a trad archery vendor.

    Good vendors for trad archery supplies include 3RiversArchery.com KustomKingArchery.com and LostNationArchery.com

    You have good form and a good stance. You are drawing your bow slightly past the point of efficiency. You may need some work on a consistent anchor point. Most people use the corner of the mouth. Work with a coach or go to a range and ask an experienced archer for help.

    It looks like you are ready for 25 or even 30 lb. limbs. The extra weight will help you shoot the arrows harder and flater to the target.

    Be sure to match new arrows to your bow if you get heavier limbs.

    Good job wearing a glove and an armguard. You did not do this in other vids. Remember, you are a role model for a lot of people so always shoot safe.

    Speaking of which, you really should get a bow stringer and learn how to use it. The step through method can be dangerous when stringing heavier bows.

    Modern recurve bows can be left strung with no problem. I have a custom made all wood bow and the bowyer told me to leave it strung all the time. You just have to shoot it once a month or so.

    Great job promoting archery. There seems to be a lot of interest as a result of Hunger Games.

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