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The Call to Assemble is Finally Out


If you have been following my blog, then you know how I have been looking forward to release of The Avengers. It finally opened this weekend to record breaking numbers and I got to see it on Saturday. My response? GAHHH…OH MY GOD….SOOOO AMAZING!!!!!! I had very high expectations for this film and it surpassed them all.

One of the biggest surprises for me was how funny this movie was. It was freaking hilarious. I was expecting snarky one-liners from Tony Stark/Iron Man based on his earlier movies, but he was not the only one delivering the humor, not by a long shot. All of them were funny. They had my entire theater cracking up throughout. Well, except for one time. I don’t know if the rest of the theater didn’t hear the joke, didn’t think it was funny, or are unfamiliar with The Lord of the Rings and didn’t get it, but Stark makes a joke where he refers to Hawkeye as Legolas. I was the only one in the theater to laugh. Loudly. My husband just looked at me and shook his head.

As I anticipated, getting to see the various heroes interact with each other was fascinating. I have to say, each and every one of the actors did an incredible job. They bickered and bantered with each other, but when the  time came to act they were able to pull it together and do what needed to be done. I loved the dynamic between Captain America and Tony Stark. They did a really good job showing the friction between the two characters when they first came together and their gradual shift to respect for each other. I was also pleasantly surprised by the depth of development that was given to Hawkeye and Black Widow. I did not think that there would be time to develop much of a connection with these two, but I ended up caring about them and their relationship with each other.

I think the stand out performance, for me at least, came from Bruce Banner/Hulk. Mark Ruffalo was perfect as this character. He was able to infuse him with humanity and strength while still keeping the reserved scientist in tact. Whether he was in the scene as Banner or Hulk, this character demanded your attention. I am very curious to see if the magic Ruffalo brought to this character would transfer over to a Hulk film or if the reason the character worked so much better here was because the weight of the film did not rest solely on his very large shoulders.

Speaking of Ruffalo, this seems like a good time to talk to the ladies. Any men reading this feel free to jump to the next paragraph if you do not want to read a bunch of gushing. Oh my yum! The amount of gorgeous male in this movie was astounding. No matter what your personal type is there was a guy in this film to match it. I have never seen so many beautiful, muscular arms in one place. Whenever Thor, Captain America, and Hawkeye were together I had to wipe the drool from my face due to those arms. Then of course, there were all the tight pants and, well, tights. For me though, nothing beats the dreaminess of Robert Downey, Jr. and Mark Ruffalo. They are the two least buff of the group, but holy cow are they still nice to look at (and I prefer the less buff type anyway). I have never been so angry at strategically placed rubble as I was in that one scene with Ruffalo. If you have seen the movie, you know exactly what I am talking about. ;)

Alright, the gush fest is over. Don’t worry men, there were plenty of exciting action sequences to make up for all the female drool. The special effects and CGI in this movie were incredible. I saw it in 3D on the giant XD screen and it looked out of this world. Everything looked real. The fights were all choreographed really well with none of them feeling the same. There were tons of explosions and all kinds of other cool effects. It was definitely quite the rush.

So what’s the bottom line? Go see this movie! I fully intend on seeing it at least one more time in the theater and I will most certainly be purchasing it when it goes on sale. The rest of the comic book movies coming out this summer have some very large shoes to fill.

Have you been able to see The Avengers yet? What did you think about it? Did you want that rubble to move, too? If you haven’t seen it, do you plan to? Let me know in the comments.

Avengers Assemble: Iron Man


For the past several weeks I have been looking at the characters that make up the Avengers. So far I have looked at Thor, the Hulk, and Captain America. Today brings me to the final post of my series and the most well known character of the bunch (at least for people who only know these guys from the movies).

Iron Man

Tony Stark is an insanely wealthy genius who has a very high opinion of himself. When he was captured and injured by terrorists he came up with the first prototype of the Iron Man suit in order to escape. He returned home greatly shaken and changed from the months he spent in captivity. He decided that he wanted to erect change in the world around him, so he took the time to perfect his idea and came up with the suit that would dub him Iron Man.

Before I get into the psyche of Tony Stark and how he will interact with the others, there are several other important components to the Avengers that were introduced in his movies, especially Iron Man 2. Between the two movies we are introduced to S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, and Black Widow. I gotta be honest, I am not a Scarlett Johansson fan. I don’t know what it is about her, but I just don’t care for her. It’s not like a film is ruined for me just because she is in it, but I will certainly never go see anything just because of her name. Having said that, Black Widow is pretty kick ass. She did not have a very big role in Iron Man 2 (which suited me just fine), but whenever we got to see her in action my jaw dropped. My hope is that her character will have a similar supporting role in The Avengers.

Okay, back to Tony Stark. I think it is pretty clear that Tony is going to be the biggest wild card of the group (Thor comes in at a close second). He is extremely narcissistic and does not like to be told what to do by others at all. I do believe that the events of the two previous films have taught him a lot and stretched him, but they have not changed the fundamental core of who he is. There is really no predicting what he will do. He acts on whim and emotion.

We have already seen from trailers that there will be friction between Tony and the other members of the Avengers team, particularly Captain America. I imagine that he is going to arrive at S.H.I.E.L.D. and instantly try to take over the planning of everything. He will think that his ideas and plans are better than everyone else’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point in time he tries to go off and execute something on his own only to have it blow up in his face and force him to acknowledge his need to work with the others.

The only thing I can think of that might cause Tony to be somewhat calmer this time around is that his health issues are now resolved. A large majority of his erratic and immature behavior in Iron Man 2 was due to his belief that he would soon be dead. That belief was a huge driving force behind his behavior. With the discovery and synthesization of the new element that would solve the blood poisoning issues caused by the element previously keeping him alive, he was able to stop moping and focus on what needed to be done. With that motivator gone he should, hopefully, be better able to focus from the get go.

With Tony Stark’s character in The Avengers only one thing is certain – he will be an agent of conflict as well as a vital component in the fight. I am interested to see how he even manages to manipulate Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. into letting him be a part of the team. Where things stand at the end of Iron Man 2, he was told that he was not considered a suitable candidate for the Avengers initiative due to all of the very things that I have discussed. He was instead asked to only join the team as a consultant, which he agreed to do. It appears he is going to figure out a way to assert his ability to get what he wants from early on.

I hope that you have enjoyed this series looking into the characters of The Avengers. I have certainly enjoyed writing it while I eagerly await the call that will go out on May 4: Avengers assemble.

Have you seen either of the Iron Man films? What did you think about them and the character of Tony Stark? How do you think his character will interact with the other members of the Avengers team? Let me know in the comments.

Avengers Assemble: Captain America


Like many others, I can not wait for the upcoming The Avengers film. In my exuberance, I have begun a series looking at the individual character films for those who will make up the Avengers team. So far I have looked at Thor and the Hulk, which leaves only two more characters to explore.

Captain America

Last year the film Captain America: The First Avenger was released as the final set-up story before The Avengers. The movie introduces us to Steve Rogers in the year 1942. Steve is a small man with a host of health issues who desires nothing more than to enlist in the army and serve his country in the war. He is continually turned down until he meets Dr. Abraham Erskine. Dr. Erskine recruits Steve to be a trial subject for a special serum he has created in the hopes of being able to make a “super-soldier.” Against all odds, the serum works. Steve suddenly finds himself a large, strong, fit man, capable of performing at the highest level of human extremes.

Through a series of events that aren’t important for the purposes of this post (you can always rent the movie if you are curious ;) ), Steve wakes up from a cryogenic sleep in present day New York. He is approached by Nick Fury who explains to him where and when he is and asks him to be a part of a mission.

Steve Rogers is a very interesting character to me. It is not an uncommon convention for a super hero to be given the abilities that make him super through some circumstance later in life, but it is uncommon (at least in my limited super hero exposure) for that person to want to be a hero before he is super. Even when Steve was a scrawny guy that would get his @$$ kicked, he wanted to be able to help, to serve his country. This also gave him a compulsive need to prove himself.

I imagine that when Steve is forced to work with the other members of the Avengers team several different things will happen. Steve is the epitome of the “all American good boy,” which I am guessing will grow tiresome to some who have more, shall we say…boisterous, personalities (cough Thor and Stark cough). He is coming from the army where he was trained to be a part of a team and follow orders, whereas most of the others are used to being the leader and acting on their own. It seems very plausible to me that Steve will be overlooked, maybe even discredited, by the others; he is, after all, still the most vulnerable super of the lot. If this happens, Steve will eventually get fed up with it and his hot-tempered side, fueled by his old compulsions, will come out. We already know from the trailers that there will be tension and even some fighting amongst the Avengers themselves, and this could account for some of that.

I am also very interested to see how Steve is adjusting to the new time period in which he has been thrust. When we last saw him he had just learned that everyone he knew and loved is dead (if they aren’t dead, then they are really, really old). I am not sure how much time will have passed between the end of Captain America and the start of The Avengers, but that is quite a lot to get ones head around. There is no way that he will be unaffected by his loss, not to mention the culture shock of how different the world today is from that of 70 years ago.

I am really excited to get to see Steve Rogers again. I loved meeting him and finding out his story in Captain America: The First Avenger and can’t wait to see how he manages as one of the Avengers.

Did you see the Captain America film? What do you think about his character and how he will interact with the other Avengers? Do you agree with my speculation or do you have other theories? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Avengers Assemble: The Hulk


A couple of weeks ago I began a new series of posts, this time looking at the different characters who will be in the movie The Avengers. I opened the series by looking at Thor and guessing how the events of his own movie would affect him when he has to act as part of a team. It is now time to look at another one of the superheroes who makes up the Avengers team.

The Hulk

After the dismal reception of the film Hulk, which starred Eric Bana, the franchise attempted a reboot. The Incredible Hulk starred Edward Norton and, interestingly, was not an origin story. The film opened with a montage of footage that established the new back-story for the gigantic, green superhero. In this canon, Bruce Banner is an ingenious scientist who believes he has found a technology that will create some kind of “super soldier” through the use of Gamma radiation.

With the help of his girlfriend Betty and her father, General Ross, he experiments with the technology on himself. Something goes wrong with the experiment and the Hulk is created. He completely rips apart the lab and ends up injuring Betty and the General. Horrified by what has happened and not wanting the General to be able to use him in his dream of creating a super soldier, Bruce runs. (As a fun side note, during this montage there are several shots of official documents and the words Stark Enterprises as well as Nick Fury are sprinkled throughout.)

Once the origin of the Hulk is established, the film then follows Bruce, who has been hiding in Brazil, as he attempts to learn how to suppress the Hulk and searches for a cure. He is soon discovered by the General and forced to flee, eventually returning home.

Bruce Banner is a fascinating character. He is very mild mannered (not to be confused with Clark Kent) and, in many ways, a broken man. He hates what has happened to him and what it turns him into. We get to see him become the Hulk on several occasions in the film and it is fairly clear from the beginning that Bruce has very little control over what he does when he is in that state. He is ruled by the anger that elicited the Hulk in the first place and his behavior is very impulsive. With his huge size and skin so tough it is pretty much bullet-proof, he is a near indestructible force that can cause irreparable damage to the environment and people around him.

That is, until he comes in contact with Betty.

Even in the deepest throws of one of his Hulk rages, the Bruce underneath is able to recognize Betty and control his actions so that he protects her. Bruce is slow to accept the knowledge that he can learn to control the Hulk because he is still holding out for a cure, but eventually he does recognize that it is possible. The film ends with him fleeing once more to escape being used by the General. He takes up residence in British Columbia and, in one of the final shots of the film (the final shot is Stark showing up to tell the General of a team he is assembling), we see that he is working on developing control over the Hulk.

The Hulk is the one instance in The Avengers where they were forced to get a different actor. Bruce Banner will be played by Mark Ruffalo instead of Norton and, I have to say, I am excited to see what Ruffalo does with the character. I think that will be able to do a great job capturing the reserved manner that Bruce has. I am curious to learn how much control Bruce has developed during whatever period of time has elapsed. Before the end of his own film he had only been able to control the Hulk with the influence of Betty, has he learned control it without her? It should be really interesting to see.

I am also excited to see how this character, who has been forced to learn how to live in a state of constant control, will interact and survive in the midst of a group of egotistical hotheads. We haven’t seen a whole lot of Bruce in the trailers, but the little we have seen leads me to believe that there will be some fairly humorous interactions between him and the others, especially Stark.

For whatever reason, people have not responded to films about the Hulk in the same way as they have other superhero movies and it makes me a little sad. I really like the tortured character of Bruce. Everything about him and his green companion comes from a deep place of emotion and humanity. I am very much looking forward to seeing him on the big screen in May.

Are you excited to see the Hulk in The Avengers? How do you think the reserved Bruce Banner will interact with the other members of the Avengers team? Are you happy with the casting change from Norton to Ruffalo? Let me know in the comments.

Avengers Assemble: Thor


A few weeks ago I ended my series looking at the legend of Robin Hood, which means it is time to start a new series. It is no secret that I am a huge fantasy nerd, but what you may not have known is that I am also a comic book movie nerd. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved super heroes. At five years old my favorite cartoon wasn’t one about princesses or puppies, but ninjas who happened to be mutated turtles. I am pretty sure if I had been born a boy I would have been an avid comic book reader, but alas, I was not. I didn’t really even know what comic books were until I got older and by that point in time all I cared about was that reading them would get me mocked. So I never did. But I did watch the movies and the television shows (mostly about Superman).

This year is going to be a big year for the super hero movie. We have The Dark Knight RisesThe Amazing Spider-Man, and The Avengers all coming out in one year. While I am excited about all three (especially the end of The Dark Knight trilogy), I absolutely can not wait for The Avengers. This movie has a lead in that is unprecedented, in that it is building off of four other movie franchises (granted not all four were huge successes). It even managed to keep all but one of the original actors from those separate franchises. That is insane!

So for this series, I plan on looking at the individual character movies and how they have set things up for when the call goes out: Avengers Assemble.


Last year the movie Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth, was released. One of the really cool things about this movie was that it was created with the knowledge that The Avengers was going to be happening and was a set up for what is going to happen in that movie as well as its own stand alone film. This allowed there to be little easter eggs sprinkled throughout the film that cheered my nerdy little heart upon my second viewing when I actually knew about The Avengers (my favorite being the cameo of one of Thor’s future Avenger mates. Anyone know who I’m referring to?).

Thor is the elder son of Odin, ruler of the realm Asgard. At the beginning of the movie he is a very powerful warrior, but he is also very arrogant and that arrogance lands him in some serious trouble. His father realizes that he is not ready to be given the responsibility that comes along with being King, so he strips him of his power and banishes him to Earth. During his time on Earth, Thor finally learns humility as well as the importance of thinking before acting, especially if your actions will affect others. It is when he demonstrates his newfound wisdom through sacrifice that his power is restored to him.

It is going to be very interesting to see how the lessons Thor learned will carry over when he is asked to work as an Avenger. Even with his lessons in humility, he still has a very big personality that is sure to clash with some of the others from time to time (we have already seen allusions to this in some of the trailers). He is the heir to his kingdom’s throne as well as the fiercest warrior in Asgard, so he is used to being a leader. I think that he will do reasonably well taking orders from Nick Fury, the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the man who brings them all together, since he is accustomed to having to defer to his father (and learned the hard lesson of defiance in Thor), but I imagine it will be very difficult for him to take orders from other members of the Avengers team.

The thing that I am most interested in seeing, however, is how the actions of Loki will affect Thor.

Loki is Thor’s brother and is set to be the main adversary that the Avengers must fight against. He is not strong like Thor, but he is very intelligent. In the film Thor, Loki betrayed his brother and tried to kill him. In the end, Thor was able to defeat Loki who fell into a wormhole and disappeared. Thor loved his brother and was deeply hurt by his betrayal. That is sure to carry over and cause him some amount of internal conflict. I would also imagine that some of the others will have a hard time trusting Thor completely, which will probably lead to even more conflict within the group of Avengers themselves.

Between Thor’s confident personality and personal conflict over the actions of his brother, there is sure to be lots of drama and conflict surrounding his character in The Avengers. But no matter what issues arise, I am sure that they will be able to work through them and come together as a team to defeat the threat Loki brings to Earth.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Avengers movie? Have you seen Thor? What do you think about his character and the way he will interact with the other members of the Avengers team? Do you think he will be able to hold on to the lessons he learned in Thor? How do you think his personal connections with Loki will affect him? Let me know in the comments.

Be sure to look for The Avengers when it hits theaters on May 4 and check out Hypable.com for all the latest news on the movie.