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MASH-UP: Villains, Money, Ding-a-ling bling, and Much More


I have lots of fun treats for you today! First things first, though – a mash-up of some fabulous blog links.

My Top 5 Favorite Villainesses of All Time by Karen Rought: This is a fun list of some of the best female baddies in fiction. Did the women you love to hate make Karen’s list?

Worst Valentine’s Day Gift Ever by Lisa Hall-Wilson: This is an incredibly sweet story about how sometimes the best gifts are the ones that may seem like the worst. It truly is the heart of the giving that means the most.

You’re Worth Every Penny by Emma Burcart: This is a wonderful post about something that makes all of us break out in hives of anxiety: our finances.

Urban Word Wednesday: Ding-a-ling bling by Natalie Hartford: Natalie’s Urban Word Wednesday series is something that I look forward to every week. I once told her that I always shared them with my gay best friend…except for the one on Vajazzling because I thought it would scare him. I told her he would be more interested in one on the ding-a-ling bing her hubby mentioned and here it is!!

I am also excited to tell you that the very talented Karen Rought (who is listed in my mash-up) asked me to write a guest post for her today. She asked me to make a list of 5 women in fiction who kick some serious ass to go along with the piece she wrote on female villains. Who do you think I put on my list? Head on over to her blog to find out!

And my final treat for you today is the news that I have joined a group vlog called Around the World (ATW) Chat. There are five of us who are a part of the group and we each post on a different day of the week – my day is Thursday. Be sure to go check it out on YouTube!

My One and Only


My Valentine this year. So perfect!

I know that Valentine’s Day is now over, but seeing as how I post on Wednesdays, not Tuesdays, you are going to have to put up with one more post about the day. I hope you don’t mind!

When I think back on what this day has meant to me over the course of my life I am amazed that one little day can bring about such a wide range of emotions. When I was little it meant a fun day where I got to share candy and cards with my friends in school and use pretty paper to decorate a box. The day was innocent, a cause for a party. Then I moved on to middle school where my friends started to “go out” (a truly ridiculous term considering the vast majority of them never actually went anywhere). Suddenly Valentine’s Day was not so fun. I was never the girl the boys had crushes on. That role went to my best friend.

In high school it just got worse. For four years I got to sit on the sidelines and watch as crush after crush after crush chose some girl other than me. No boy ever told someone about the crush he had on me, no boy ever asked me out, no boy ever tried to kiss me – they barely even flirted with me. Nope. I was always “the friend”. And it sucked. I started to hate and dread the awful Valentine’s Day. Sure I acted like it was still fun and celebrated my friends, but let’s be honest, all I could think about was that no boys liked me and I didn’t understand why. What was it about me that turned every single boy around me off? Was I just that unattractive? February 14th was a depressing reminder of my aloneness and fear that I would always be alone.

Then I graduated from high school and that summer everything changed. There was this guy at church that I had had a crush on for the past year and, wonder of wonders, he noticed me (well…I kind of accosted him in a cafe, but that’s another story). For the first time a guy was asking me for my phone number so that he could – gasp – ask me on a date. And even more exciting, it was a guy I really liked! Whoa.

When the next Valentine’s Day rolled around I was finally someone’s Valentine. And I have been ever since. You see, I kind of ended up marrying that guy. I am still not completely sure what it was he saw that so many others had so easily overlooked, but I don’t really care. None of those other idiots matter now. It may have taken me longer than I wanted, but I found my Valentine and never let him go.

What about you? When did you find your first Valentine? Any Valentine stories you have to share – romantic, funny, downright awful? I would love to hear from you in the comments.